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Is your Company's Data and entire information secure?

Cyber Security

The threats are real. Having strong Cyber-Security protection is important.


Long gone are the days when all you needed was a decent firewall and an up to date virus scanner to protect your systems. Cyber-crime is big business. The number of players including nation states is increasing and the tools available to launch attacks are inexpensive and readily available. Small to mid-sized companies are prime targets as they often do not have the resources to allocate to cyber security.

What we do to help protect your information


Email Protection

The biggest threats from malware and phishing attacks lives in your inbox. Users are lured into clicking on

attachments or hyperlinks, or to responding to fabricated requests by cyber criminals. RWHTech’s premium mail security program dramatically reduces the risk of a bad email in your inbox by replacing attachments with sanitized copies guaranteed to be free of malware or scripts, quarantining questionable senders and replacing dangerous hyperlinks with secure tested links. By proactively keeping the bad email out of your users’ inboxes, we eliminate email as the source for ransomware and other dangerous malware.


Backup Services for Travelling Laptops

RWHTech provides backup service to protect user data stored on laptop machines. Now Windows and Mac users can be assured that data stored on their laptop is replicated to the cloud and protected in the event of a hardware failure or loss of a system. Remote backups can also protect a user if they get infected by ransomware or other malware. 


Backups happen automatically, in the background, whenever the user is connected to the Internet. The RWHTech backup solution is centrally monitored to ensure that backups are occurring on a regular basis. Users can recover their data through a self-serve portal or have RWHTech assist in recovering files.


Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

In the battle against cyber-crime the final line of defense is having solid backups. With the volume of new exploits and malware releases happening daily, even the best detection and prevention systems can be beaten. You need to know that your backups are reliable and that when all else fails, you can ensure your recovery.


System Patching

Most exploits take advantage of unpatched systems, with the latest WannaCry cryptolocker variant being a

great example. Microsoft and other vendors release updates and security patches whenever vulnerabilities

are found in their products, but if you are not updating your systems in a timely manner, you are exposing

your company to avoidable risks.


Whole Disk Encryption for Laptops

If you have users with laptops, then you may be at risk of data loss. Regardless of company policies in

effect, mobile users tend to store work files on the local drives of their laptops for a variety of reasons.

This may include confidential corporate or client information, financial or personal information. The theft

or loss of a laptop may expose your company to liability.

While all this is happening, companies are also changing the way they do business which has a huge impact on security:

 • Businesses are moving applications and data to the cloud

 • Companies are allowing staff to work remotely

 • Employees are using their own devices to access company                  information (BYOD)

 • Employees are using their own cloud services to store/share                corporate information (think

    DropBox ,OneDrive, Google Drive, etc)

When it comes to your network security, we have you covered. To guard against complex attacks, we have a multi-vendor, multi-layer cyber-security solution to protecting your environment. Our approach insures that potential threats are subject to multiple lines of defense

to reduce the probability and impact of an attack.

Two Factor Authentication

Stop hackers even if they have your password

Two factor authentication is an effective way to prevent password sharing and brute force password attacks against your important systems.

Consider the following:

 • In Q3 of 2016, 18 million new malware samples were                           captured by major security software provider Panda Security.         That works out to 139  new malware threats per minute!


 • Ransomware has seen huge growth in 2016. Malwarebytes             reported that in January of 2016, Ransomware accounted for         18% of malware payload increasing to 66% by November. This       represents a 267% increase in this type of attack in less than a         year.


• Spear Phishing and CEO fraud have increased dramatically as          well as cyber criminals are getting better at social engineering        and creating more credible scam tactics to trap users.

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