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Disaster Recovery

Most companies believe that their data is covered in the event of a natural disaster...

1 in 4 will pay the price!

Here’s a sobering thought: 92% of companies have encountered at least 1 disruption to their business systems. Our goal is to make sure you’re in the undisrupted 8% with RWHTech’s Disaster Recovery solution. Any disruption is potentially a disaster for your business. The Institute for Business and Home Safety estimates that 1 in 4 businesses that close because of a disaster will not reopen. 

Mother Nature gets most of the attention when we think of disaster recovery -- hurricanes, blizzards (especially here in Canada), tornados, and earthquakes all quickly spring to mind. And they are, obviously, real threats. But they distract attention from more common threats like power failure, network outage, and hardware failure. ANY disruption to your business – caused by nature, a hacker, or a negligent or disgruntled employee – needs to be planned for so that you can continue business operations.

Now, you could be one of the lucky 8% who haven’t experienced a business disruption. You could continue to trust in luck. But a better option is to develop a disaster recovery plan.

We provide enterprise-level disaster recovery solutions as a cloud service to the SMB marketplace. Disaster recovery is a natural extension of our managed IT services and backup solutions -- it shouldn’t be an add-on afterthought, but an integrated service.

We provide a range of services to meet our clients’ specific requirements. Our solutions range in complexity from simple offsite tape storage, remote backups, and remote replication to “live” server clustering -- depending on recovery time objectives (RTOs).

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