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Secure IT Solutions​ for a more secure environment

Certified IT Technician


Business Solution


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Services & Solutions:

At RWHTech we are only interested in finding the best, most cost effective solutions to meet your growing needs

  • Growth Business

  • Marketing Progress

  • Best Business Advices

  • Business Planing

  • Fast Solution


We provide full and specific solution for every client we're here to help.

Ask us about our small business packages

Our IT Solution


Managed IT Service

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Keeping an eye on your servers and the administration of your systems can be a full-time job.

End-to-end IT Solution

IT Customer Support

System Administration 

Monthly Status Reports


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Preparing for the worst is the best thing you can do to secure your data. That's why we offer:

Data Security Service

Business Continuity 

Data Migration

Disaster Recovering Planning


Cyber Security

The threats are real. Having strong Cyber-Security protection is important.

Thorough Threat Analysis


Deletion of Sensitive Information

Installation of Antispam Software

Updating Outdated Workstations

On-site Security Assessments


Cloud Services

The cloud is changing how IT services are delivered and used. This represents a HUGE opportunity for your business.

Microsoft Azure

Office 365 Email


Amazon Web Services


System Patching

Most exploits take advantage of unpatched systems, with the latest WannaCry cryptolocker variant being great example. If you are not updating your systems in a timely manner, you are exposing your company to avoidable risks.

OS Version updates

Anti-virus updates

Firewall Firmware updates

IT Resource Outsourcing 


Backup Service for Travelling Laptops

The convenience of laptops and tablets these days have made our lives much easier. But losing, damaging, having them stolen can be disastrous.

Cloud Backup Services

Harddrive Encryption

IT Resource Outsourcing 

IT Resource Outsourcing 

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Keeping your team happy and productive

Our goal is to ensure the end users – employees – of your company are completely satisfied with our service every day.

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